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🔍 Explaining Flame

! The following is an excerpt from our Discord server's welcome channel. It will be updated soon.
! Discord invite link: https://discord.gg/Z6qcNckczz

Core Concept:

Flame Software is building a platform that is committed to give you more power and control over your social life online by uniting the social media space and letting you customise it to your heart’s content. If you wanna learn more, check out our flame channel below this channel for a full explanation!

Cool Tech Jargon:

Our mission is to progress the internet to create a more united digital world that is fair to everyone, where you have the freedom to do with your data what you want and connect to the network with your own federated servers. Our new IRC-inspired open source protocol will assume nothing about how communication by humans online should be structured and allows for any type and interpretation of it by any party that connects to it. That means Flame will replace Forums, Chat apps, Social medias, Blogs, Galleries, Q&A sites, Newsfeeds, Livestreams, Video content, Podcasts and any other structuring of online communication you can think of! For a deeper technical look on how we plan to achieve all this, check out our deep-dive channel, ask us about it in the forums, or attend one of our Q&A session events.

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