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📕 About Flame Software

Flame is on a mission

Flame Software VOF is a Dutch registered company founded in 2022 by two Computer Engineering students with the vision to revolutionize online communications.

We believe the open mindset of technologies like Email, IRC and RSS need a return. They shaped the internet and made it a world where anyone can achieve anything. But the new era of tech and wacky new startups have produced products like Discord and Whatsapp that have repeatedly limited our world-wide network of human communication, forcing their hand on what you’re allowed to do after the example of Apple.

Flame dreams of an internet where the freedom of technologies like Mastodon’s ActivityPub shine in all areas, not just Twitter clones. An internet where you have the control to make it your internet.

Where to start

Currently Flame is in its alpha development stage. You can join our journey by visiting us on Discord or Telegram. Our whitepaper is still in the works, and we will outline more of our plans as development continues. Meanwhile, take a peek at the “Features” tab to see some previews of things we’re planning on doing!

Meet Flame’s Team

Pascal van Ginkel, Head of Technology

Discord: Mid#0001 - Twitter: @midblep

Hey I’m Mid, Head of Technology at Flame. That means I am concerned with the technical structure of Flame Software and its products such as server architecture, tech stack, code conventions, pull requests, code reviews, protocol development, documentation, and developing Flame’s codebases. I have nearly a decade of experience with web development and 4+ years of experience with chat-app related development.

Thom Sandbrink, Head of Operations

Discord: Thommunist#7823 - Twitter: @thommunist

My main tasks are the daily operations of Flame Software such as keeping an organised company structure with tools, planning and overseeing important company tasks, management of social media accounts, overseeing Flame’s public appearance and client relations, and making sure documentation and reports about the company are in order. I will also work on Flame’s code repositories and contribute code.

Social Info

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